We are proud to introduce the finest line of educational tools available for all serious guitar players. ColorCode Music products include CMX cards, Guitar 1, Guitar 2, and color-coded guitars. We hope you enjoy using our technology. Click to Enter ColorCode website.

As a Spanish Flamenco guitar player, I developed Colorcode Technologies to provide a needed tool to aid in becoming an excellent guitar or piano player.

As a physicist, I am dedicating the revenues from Colorcode to finance and promote my scientific discoveries for saving lives. For information about my discoveries, search for Sunterra Toussi or visit www.conceptone.info

Purchase Guitar 1 or Guitar 2, now priced at only $20 per software, and receive a copy of the original CMX map, 8 pages of CMX system for guitar and piano valued at $80, as a gift. The CMX line is a great tool for notational conversion and note combinations for chords. These CMX maps will be emailed directly.

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