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ColorCode is an innovative system of musical notation. This concept was developed
to simplify the difficult process of learning and locating notes on the guitar.
ColorCode products are the most effective tools for all levels, from beginners to
professionals, and for all ages—even as young as five.

ColorCode’s software with its maps and images, practice pieces with audio files,
chords, modulation panel with composing capabilities—is an essential tool for all
guitar players.

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All software is made for Windows PC systems: Windows 98 or later, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.
All future upgrades for Guitar 1 and Guitar 2 available to user at no additional cost.

The table below illustrates the advantage of ColorCode notation compared to Classical


This chart is an excellent example of recognizing and locating notes:


ColorCode's model CS1 Guitar with built-in panel is available on this


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